The John Byrne Award winners are chosen from all entries received so far. The quarterly and annual shortlisted entries are chosen by The John Byrne Award Team. The John Byrne Award Judging Panel then use the judging criteria to review the shortlist and select the winners in accordance with the John Byrne Award’s judging criteria.

We’re looking for work that is reasoned, constructive and compelling.

October's Monthly Winner

October Shortlist – What impact can a community have?

Daisy Thomson, 20
September's Monthly Winner

Is my broken finger the same as your broken leg?

Natalie Arle-Toyne, 39
August's Monthly Winner

I agree, we agree, but do they?

Callum Boath, 29
June's Monthly Winner

Are we teaching addiction to children?

Sarah Ogilvie, 20
May's Monthly Winner

Out of the womb and into a prison?

Sean Lìonadh, 21
April's Monthly Winner

What are you looking for?

Bingyu Li, 26
March's Monthly Winner

Should we heed the warnings of our ancient legends?

Stephen Will, 25
February's Monthly Winner

What is our place in the world?

Fraser Scott, 19
January's Monthly Winner

What does it mean to be between two cultures?

Carina Haouchine, 22
December's Monthly Winner

Can we find meaning in the turbulent chaos of the land?

Ellis O'Connor, 26
November's Monthly Winner

Am I an alcoholic?

Anonymous , 27