June 20, 2019

What if your dad wasn’t present in your life?


Lanre Malaolu, 28

This piece of work was sent to us by Lanre Malaolu. Lanre lives in London and wasn’t aware that The John Byrne Award only accepts work from people living in Scotland, so we cannot accept this piece as an entry. However, as the piece is of such quality, we wanted to share it with you here.

In Lanre’s own words…

“The topic surrounding FIGURE is a subject matter that I have had direct experience with along with many of my peers growing up. It was as much about me wanting to understand and decipher my own feelings and emotions from my father-son experience, while also having a birds-eye view on the overarching message I wanted to convey.

I wanted to convey a sense of inner and outer conflict rooted from an overflow of emotions. In order to find the truth of this for the screen, I did a lot of physical improvisation work as well as allowing space to have honest conversations in rehearsals.

I believe movement provides insight into a deeper emotional place that we as humans all have and feel but words cannot reach. I use the word “movement” as I sometimes feel the word “dance” inhibits the work. We all move, we all speak physically and what interests me is the depths of truth we can unlock and reveal through physicality.”

Director and choreographer: Lanre Malaolu
Featuring: Nnabiko Ejimofor and Lanre Malaolu
Producer: Lorna Nickson Brown and Lanre Malaolu
Cinematographer and editor: Monika Jastrzebska
Music: Mau Loseto

You may find Lanre’s website here, Twitter here.