January 29, 2020

The John Byrne Award partners with Creative Informatics, £20,000 available to work with us.

We are incredibly pleased to have partnered with Creative Informatics as a Challenge Holder. Up to £20,000 is available to support successful research and development proposals that answer the Challenge. Respondents can be SME’s, teams or individuals that have the skills to answer our challenge, using data (provided by us and/or other sources) and data driven approaches and technologies. This funding will allow us to widen and strengthen our platform, reaching and supporting more creative individuals in Scotland. Can you respond to our challenge project? 

The John Byrne Award is unique in many ways and Scotand’s most inclusive creative arts competition. We are both art award and an open platform for discussion and debate. Our ‘Challenge Project’ with Creative Informatics, which is currently welcoming responses, seeks to create a way for users to take bespoke, dynamic ‘journeys’ through our online exhibition, that maximise opportunities to explore their own values and learn more about the values of others.

Too often, anonymised comments and anti-social algorithms dictate online interaction. The Award’s ambition is to create a user experience that encourages respect, open-mindedness, and co-operation for the public good.

We are looking for forward-thinking and broad-minded challenge respondents to work with us in creating an exemplary, inclusive, responsive, user-generated, interactive online resource that encourages thought and debate about the issues that our users hold most dear. We are not concerned with maximising clicks or influencing the behaviour of our audiences; our priority is to support meaningful human interaction between individuals.

To find out more information about our project, or to submit a responder application, visit the Creative Informatics website here.


Niall Dolan, CEO of The Iris Initiative, discusses our Challenge Holder project…