April 12, 2019

Steering Group Meeting in March


By Niall Dolan, CEO, The John Byrne Award.

Talking makes things better. That’s why we invited JBA entrants to come down to JBA HQ to talk about the future of The John Byrne Award. As with previous steering group meetings, the ideas and points raised have had a big influence on where we’re going as Scotland’s biggest creative arts competition.

The first meeting saw participants working together to generate two questions that encapsulated the greatest opportunity for growth. These were:

  • How can we engender a culture of discussion between John Byrne Award entrants and the wider community?


  • How can The John Byrne Award increase its non-digital presence in Scotland?’.



Participants perceived the second question to hold so much potential that they met the following week to focus their creative energies on answering it.

The result was a list of ‘take-home’, ‘must-have’ elements for a future JBA exhibition. The list is a great one, and worth a read for anyone interested in putting on events in the Scottish, creative sector.

JBA Staff will form the list into a workable proposal. The proposal will be for a series of JBA exhibitions, showcasing the talent of emerging artists and encouraging meaningful conversations about our personal and societal values… Watch this space for a proposal coming to a blog near you soon!


If, having read the minutes, you’d like to make a suggestion or comment, please do so by emailing me: [email protected].

Thank you to Gabriella, Megan, Christopher, Sarah, Jack, Iris, Sarah, Annie, and Esther, for their energies at the meeting and Custom Lane for putting us up.