December 20, 2018

Reflections on our Steering Group Meetings


By Niall Dolan, CEO, The John Byrne Award.

The John Byrne Award Steering Group is a mechanism for The John Byrne Award entrants to shape the future of The John Byrne Award. We, the JBA staff, present questions about and ideas for the future, and the members of the group let us know what they think.

We’ve had two meetings so far; on 07 Nov and 12 Dec 2018.
(Minutes accessible via the links below).

The meetings have been a brilliant opportunity to trouble-shoot problems, share ideas and generate new ones. I am confident that the steering group members have already made a significant difference to the future of The John Byrne Award and I am very grateful to them for that!

We select and invite members in an attempt to form a group that is representative of the people sharing the best work on our platform. Of course, not everyone can make every meeting. As such, the attendees of each meeting will be different each time; which keeps things fresh.

I like to think that collectively, we are capable of solving most, if not all, of our problems and making our world and lives much better than we could otherwise. The primary requirement is an environment where everyone is emboldened to contribute as much as they can. I am glad to say that the experience of hosting the first two steering groups has not disavowed me of this opinion! 🙂 We will be hosting regular steering group meetings from no on.

If, having read the minutes, you’d like to make a suggestion or comment, please do so: [email protected].