How do we receive and use information about entrants and their entries?

To enter The John Byrne Award competition, entrants submit any creative work, accompanied by a title, description and relevant personal information, via a form on The John Byrne Award website. The John Byrne Award file the information in a password-secured content management system.

All entries are manually reviewed. Entries that are accepted into the competition are posted on The John Byrne Award website; selected entries are promoted on The John Byrne Award social media pages and/or shared with carefully selected partners for the purposes of promoting the entry and/or The John Byrne Award.

All information that entrants share with The John Byrne Award is kept for the purposes of tracking The John Byrne Award’s performance. The only personal information that is shared publicly is the name of the entrant and their age, and, if the entrant wishes, links to their website/s.


What information do we store?

The John Byrne Award requests and stores the following information via a four-part form.


Section 1: Compulsory information- securely stored and shared publicly information

  • Submission date
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Age in years on date of entry
  • All files representing the creative work, including a cover image
  • Written title of entry (in the form of a question)
  • Written description of entry
  • First and last names of co-entrants (if applicable)
  • Categories (to aid entry visibility in site navigation)

Section 2: Optional information – securely stored and shared publicly information

  • Title of creative work
  • Date that work was finished or published
  • Medium
  • Dimensions
  • Professional website link
  • Permission to share website link
  • Social media URLs
  • Permission to share social link
  • Any other information about the work

Section 3: Compulsory information – securely stored but not shared publicly information

  • Date of birth
  • Email address

Section 4: Optional information – securely stored but not shared publicly information

  • Dominant occupation
  • Postcode of the address where you spent most time growing up
  • Where did you hear about The John Byrne Award


Finally, entrants are asked:

  • for their permission to be added to the mailing list,
  • to accept the terms and conditions of entry [LINK],
  • to confirm that they understand that their work could be posted immediately on The John Byrne Award website.


For more information, please email [email protected].