June 1, 2018

Monthly Winner Announcement – MAY

"As a young person from a working-class background in Scotland, sometimes expressing yourself creatively risks humiliation within your own community. When your own identity and culture is described as inherently ‘cringey’, what chance do you have?"

- Kate Chambers

Congratulations to our monthly winner Kate Chambers who posed the question “Where are all the working-class artists?”. Set against our current socio-political climate, we think her topical essay is primed to start a dialogue about identity, culture and creativity in Scotland – a well deserved win!
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➜Read an excerpt below or find the full text here.
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“When you ‘actual cringe’ at someone from your own background, what does that say about your own culture and identity? In the west of Scotland, we use ‘cringe’ as a term of embarrassment or shame. Are we ashamed that someone like us is using their voice? That they are raising their head above the parapet, rather than cowering beneath.” [Excerpt from, ‘Actual cringe: creative paradox in the west of Scotland’ by Kate Chambers]