Reasoned? (x/10)

·       Comprehension: How clear is the entrant's understanding of their chosen value(s)?

·       Consideration: Has the entrant questioned their chosen value(s) and shown personal growth?

·       Expression: Does the piece itself reflect this understanding and consideration?


Constructive? (x/10)

·       Investigation: Is the piece informed by research into a particular issue or idea?

·       Relevance: Is the piece compelling in its message or argument?

·       Innovation: Does the piece present an alternative approach to current societal values?


Compelling? (x/10)

·       Intention: Is the piece informed by a deliberate creative concept and process?

·       Execution: How proficient is the entrant in the technical execution of their chosen medium?

·       Impact: Do the qualities of the piece enhance the expression of the entrant's chosen value(s)?