The John Byrne Award Annual Shortlist 2020


The John Byrne Award received almost 2000 entries between February 1st 2019 and January 31st 2020. From these, John Byrne Award staff and judges have shortlisted the three most reasoned, constructive and compelling entries in six categories, as well as for the John Byrne Annual Award of £7,500.

Our six Entrant Awards highlight the individual elements that contribute to an outstanding John Byrne Award entry, while the top three entries, shortlisted for the Annual Award, combine these elements into one, outstanding entry.

The winners will be chosen by our panel of inspirational judges and will be announced at our Award Ceremony in March.

Congratulations to all our shortlisted entrants and thank you to every single person who shared their work with us, this year!

The John Byrne Award for Innovation

For presenting a persuasive new idea.

In partnership with Edinburgh Napier University.


The John Byrne Award for Positivity

For inspiring positivity and optimism.

In partnership with Innis & Gunn.


The John Byrne Award for a Connection to Something Greater

For demonstrating a deep and informed understanding of the forces shaping our world.

In partnership with Seven Crofts.

The John Byrne Award for Community and Society

For offering an insightful view of community or society.

In partnership with James & Gemma McCallum


The John Byrne Award for Critical Thinking

For demonstrating outstanding evaluation and analysis of ideas.

In partnership with Tunnock’s.

The John Byrne Award for Skill and Artistry

For exhibiting exceptional skill and technical execution in any medium.

In partnership with Gordon & Nadia Angus.

The John Byrne Award 2020 (£7,500)

For epitomising all three of The John Byrne Award judging criteria; reasoned, constructive and compelling.

Thank you to our wonderful award ceremony partners.

Andrew & Fiona Paterson, James & Gemma McCallum, Gordon & Nadia Angus and…