February 15, 2019

JBA 2018-2019 Trophy Ready TROPHY READY TO GO!

Edinburgh-based Product Designer Adam Johnston was invited by The John Byrne Award to design the trophy for the 2019 celebration of the award.

Due to is background in product design, Adam Johnston was drawn to the functional objects in John Byrne’s artworks. The red painter’s palette strongly featured in Self-Portrait in a Flowered Jacket, 1971 stood out above the rest. The mixing palette is a tool that is central to a painter’s process, the starting point for creation and is often used to iconography creative practices as a whole.

Johnston took this element and converted it into an extruded form, creating a tactile and sculptural object, embodying John Byrne Award’s values, referencing John Byrne’s art and elevating a humble tool for creativity into something more symbolic.



Adam Johnston with Niall Dolan, JBA Manager