May 22, 2019

Introducting the John Byrne Award Ambassador for Glasgow School of Art, ESTHER DRAYCOTT.

Esther Draycott, JBA Ambassador, Niall Dolan, CEO, The John Byrne Award.

Esther’s role is to encourage GSA students to use their creative work to explore values and enter their work into The John Byrne Award competition.

In Esther’s words:

“My perspective changed after taking on the JBA Ambassadorship in February 2019. I think that most people feel GSA has a reputation for putting thought-provoking art out into the world, but students rarely get the space to consider the connection between their artwork with what they stand for. That’s why I think the relationship between GSA and The John Byrne Award is so important. Students’ work at GSA is often recognised for its quality, or its beauty, but rarely is it celebrated simply for the questions it asks. The more work I do as a JBA Ambassador, the more I realise how important those questions are.”

Niall, CEO of The John Byrne Award says:

“The world is changing quicker than ever before. We need forums where we can discuss what change we want and why. The JBA-GSA partnership will help GSA students to use their creative work to participate in such discussions. With Esther facilitating the development of this partnership, I am confident that it will go from strength to strength.”

The JBA-GSA Ambassador role is generously and fully funded by Friends of GSA and GSA Sustainability.