May 23, 2019

Introducing the John Byrne Award ambassator for Edinburgh Napier University, Tom Hutton

Tom’s role since February has been to encourage Napier students to engage with their own values, and to enter their creative work into The John Byrne Award competition.


“After taking part in The John Byrne Award for four years, I was very excited to see Edinburgh Napier University getting involved with the Ambassador program. The award is a fantastic opportunity for young creatives living in Scotland to put their work into the public sphere and to open-up a dialogue to discuss what issues matter to them. Personally, taking part in the award has boosted the confidence I have in my own work and opened a whole range of opportunities for me. Utilising the creative network that The John Byrne Award provides is a great way for young artists to get their foot in the door and start to make themselves known. As the JBA Ambassador for Napier, I have been working to give these young artists the chance to utilise the opportunities and experiences that The John Byrne Award provides.”

Niall, CEO of The John Byrne Award:

“Tom’s passion and work ethic have made this unique partnership between a civic charity and a leading university exciting and full of potential. Thank you Tom!”

Funding for Tom’s post is kindly provided by Edinburgh Napier University.