December 10, 2018

Introducing Our New John Byrne Award Ambassador

The John Byrne Award is delighted to welcome Silvia Tosca Bertolini as the John Byrne Award Ambassador at Edinburgh Napier University. Silvia is currently studying Marketing with Digital Media at Edinburgh Napier and will be organising exhibitions and events on campus, as well as encouraging her fellow students to share their creative work with The John Byrne Award. She joins our growing team of John Byrne Award Ambassadors based in universities and colleges across Scotland.

Niall Dolan, CEO of The John Byrne Award, said:

“We have no doubt that Silvia’s strong sense of social responsibility, passion for creative excellence and outgoing nature will make her an excellent ambassador for the competition. Silvia will be working closely with The John Byrne Award staff, as well as other John Byrne Award ambassadors in other universities and colleges in Scotland, to encourage as many people as possible to use creativity to explore their values.”

Silvia Tosca Bertolini, John Byrne Award Ambassador said:

“The John Byrne Award offers a great opportunity for young people to express themselves and to reflect and start meaningful conversations on what really matters to them and to our generation.

Working for The John Byrne Award has allowed me to use my creativeness and sense of initiative from day one. I hope I will be able to make a difference in expanding the award’s community while improving my professional and personal skills and connecting with more like-minded, creative people in Scotland. I believe that creative minds working together can achieve great and unexpected things.”

A big thank you to Edinburgh Napier University for funding and hosting the ambassador programme.