December 20, 2018

Introducing our new Edinburgh College Ambassador

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Annie Donaldson as The John Byrne Award Ambassador at Edinburgh College. Annie is in her first year of the Contemporary Art Practice HND at Edinburgh College, and will be encouraging her fellow to students to consider their own values and ask critical questions through creative work. Annie joins a team of John Byrne Award ambassadors who represent and promote the Award in universities and colleges across Scotland.

Annie Donaldson said:

“After having taking part in the John Byrne Award during my sixth year in high school in 2016, the competition made me think in a different way about my values. I built discussions around them with my peers that have reaffirmed what is important to me at pivotal points in my education. I feel as though decisions I’ve made since then have been more aligned with the changes I want to see in the world. I’m excited to start the John Byrne Award Ambassador role at Edinburgh College and have the chance to encourage other people to participate in the award. I hope that the competition will help Edinburgh College students to develop their values and beliefs in a similar way as it helped me!”

Niall Dolan, CEO of The John Byrne Award said:

“We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Annie Donaldson to our team. Annie’s critical awareness and passion for the role will make her an excellent ambassador for the competition. Annie will be working closely with The John Byrne Award staff and her fellow Ambassadors to encourage the students and staff at Edinburgh college to consider their own values in creative ways.”

With thanks to The Edinburgh College Development Trust for funding the ambassador post and to Edinburgh College for hosting the partnership and supporting The John Byrne Award.