October 17, 2019

Exciting changes…

The John Byrne Award structure is changing.

From the 1st of November 2019 we will no longer award £250 monthly prizes. Instead we will award quarterly prizes of £500 in April, July, and October and 1 annual prize of £7,500 in January. Entries submitted to the quarterly awards throughout the year will be automatically entered into the annual award.


As a small organisation the Monthly award worked well for us, it gave us the opportunity to promote and recognise the work of many entrants. In the past three years we have grown substantially. We welcomed more website visitors than ever before last month and the total number of entries we receive annually is on course to double for the third year in a row.

Moving from a monthly to a quarterly prize structure makes the prize more valuable: each winning entry will have 3 months in the spotlight, rather than 1, and The John Byrne Award will have more time to encourage further debate around the values and ideas that the winning entry expresses.

In the intervening periods between the quarters, we will continue to highlight the most reasoned, constructive and compelling entries across our channels. To find out more about The John Byrne Award and to share your work click here.