Spoken word

Why Listen to the Woods?

Iain Stewart

How can I take up space when the world is telling me to be smaller?

Sarah Grant

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Rosie Macfarlane

How did the Covid-19 lockdown affect the Edinburgh-based artist?

Jamie O'Donnell

Are the Scottish working-class pre-conditioned to limit themselves?

Raymond Wilson

What Gifts Can Be Found In The Dark Shadows Of The Human Condition?

Hannah Myers

When life’s hand reaches to your tired, frightened self… will you take it?

Eilidh Morris

How far can one word travel?

Catherine Wilson

Does my choice to give or withhold sexual consent need an explanation?

Nadia Freeman

What should people remember of me?

Acacia Mitchell

Can fragmentation help find wholeness?

Emily Rizza

Why do you care? Why don’t you care?

Ali Cleary