Does travelling abroad enable us to find ourselves?

Catriona Knapman

Did ye dwalt amang the bleakness there?

Joseph Kinnear

Is it possible to lament from within a dark place and still inspire hope?

Rupert Smith

Isn’t this Paradise?

Eve McDougall-Page

How do we reconnect humanity’s disconnected soul with nature?

Robert Morrison

How can we learn to recognise the shadow within ourselves?

Rachel Bride Ashton

At what cost to both the individual and the collective, do we demand that women artists and writers perform their trauma for social and political change?

Jenny Lindsay, 38 | Perry Jonsson, 28 | Biff Smith, 47 | Kevin McLean, 31

Can poetry help cure traumatic brain injury?

Sid Ozalid

Who is it that is really moving us?

Katie Fairgrieve

How can you survive someone else’s dream?

Sam Gonçalves

Is it essential that we understand who we are?

Catriohna Atkinson

Who remembers the miners?

John Dawson