At what cost to both the individual and the collective, do we demand that women artists and writers perform their trauma for social and political change?

Jenny Lindsay, 38 | Perry Jonsson, 28 | Biff Smith, 47 | Kevin McLean, 31

What happens to our shadow when we no longer exist?

Jane Houston Green

Where is the body in virtual reality?

Angus Macdonald

Where is home?

Steven McLaren

Is it Art?

Rose Dodgson

Are we ‘to be or not to be’ in a shaman projection?

Luis Magill

Can we ever escape the void?

Heather Russell

Death at Christmas: How do we celebrate?

Caroline Gilmour

Are you strong enough to show yourself kindness?

Shuna Lovelle

Can I do this?

Rosie Macfarlane

How does social media condition our experience of self?

Reb T

How can we reclaim our wild lands?

Sinéad Hargan