What should people remember of me?

Acacia Mitchell

Why do you care? Why don’t you care?

Ali Cleary

Is AI good or bad?

Kate Steenhauer

Can Mother Nature heal the tortured man and lead him to his true (GOD) self?

Bobby Bulloch

Is it a sin to fall for one’s ill-treatment when we are supposed to look after each other?

Aiste Banelyte

What is the real impact of media and popular culture on our mental wellbeing?

Jillian Carol

How to say goodbye?

Lenka Taova

What can gardening teach us about ourselves?

Joanne Matthews

Hunger + Sex + Thirst = ?

Shae Myles

How does projecting an idealised version of ourselves on social media impact on our sense of identity?

Jasmin Hannah Sutherland

Is toothpaste just minty paint?

Fyfe Daly

Is national identity something we are tied to even if you feel distant from it?

Antony Lucchesi