Spoken word

Will the inflated ego of humanity be the cost of its existence, the cause of its extinction?

Bronwyn Dickson

Are we in perpetual altercations in order to make digital commercials run smoother?

Mark McGhee

“Just a Crofter?” In every life is a wealth of stories waiting to be told – what’s yours?

Shona McMillan

How do you find a way to live when the sea is about to swallow the land?

Caro Overy

What can we learn from 1784 Scottish cultural politics?

Isla Ratcliff

What becomes of reality when the lines between ‘asleep’ and ‘awake’ are blurred?

Amy Rosa McLachlan

Is your heart listening?

Pàl Ó’ Siadhail

Do you recall a journey with your father?

Payam Beint

Can sexuality attempt to detach from politics, capitalism, gaze and gender?

Marie Muller Priqueler

Where Are All The Working Class Narratives?

Ely Percy

How do we become who we are?

Liz Crichton

Listen to the wind blowing – can you hear it growing?

Dorje Khandro Dawid