Life is a question mark? isn’t it?

Charles Teckham-Frazer

What is it like to be sick?

The Blackbird

How do I break the circle of doubt?

Iain Peterson

How does rhythm move us?

Pete Murch

How does our waking conciousness abstract, influence and build a form of narrative for our dreamstate?

Will Donnelly

Has this pandemic morphed into an external manifestation of society’s internal conflicts?

Andy Wilson

Is spiritualism necromancy?

Domen Finzgar

To breathe or not to breathe? That is the question.

Chris Mellin

Can binge watching Netflix give insight and increase overall empathy towards the autistic person?

Nicky Murray

Can combining natural and human musics encourage a positive relationship between people and the environment?

Lisa Robertson

What if our dead are heard through us?

Maya Chillingworth

Do we live in 1984?

Mark Hendry