February 1, 2019

You can’t stop birds flying over your head, but can you prevent them from building a nest in your hair?

Christina Liddell


The children I work with at the Royal Sick Children’s Hospital are remarkable; they are the unsung heroes, triumphing over adversities life has thrown. For a long time I had a nest that was forming in my hair – and I wasn’t helping by adding to it myself – birds were not only flying overhead, but a weighted nest was forming and growing on me – and fast! Drifting thoughts had become all-consuming, to the point where I became so overwhelmed by a situation, that I could no longer see the beauty that was around me.

Glimpsing Air Pockets is an immersive, multi-sensory dance theatre production, expressing the profound impact these children have had on my life. Working with them completely humbled me to look beyond my issues and to view life from a new perspective – by their incredible example!

This production not only provides high quality, creative experiences for children and families in hospital, but also shares with the wider audience, just how inspirational these children are. Their creative voice is seen throughout the production; in the set, music and film. I want these children and the goodness, which all too often goes unnoticed to be brought to the fore and celebrated!



“An incredibly…moving piece. The sensory elements reflect internal complexities with great poignancy”

“Is this real Mummy? I can’t believe I’m not dreaming!”

The performance creates an immersive experience, where children, families and audience members are invited into the performance area. In a relaxed environment they can interact with sensory pads; which when pressed have an impact, audibly or visually of what happens in the space. They can enjoy the textural props, add a leaf to a tree and see children from the hospital’s creative contributions to the work in an up close perspective.

Glimpsing Air Pockets will be performed at the new children’s hospital, Little France, Edinburgh and reach wider audiences at Archerfield Walled Garden, Gullane. It has also been selected for Dance Base’s renowned dance programme in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2019.

Supported by Creative Scotland, the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity and Curious Seed.

Additional partners involved in this creative vision (the production):
Mona Kastell
Tao Anas-Le Thanh
Greg Sinclair
DLSV Creative Media
Sid Scott