April 30, 2019

Would you treat your loved one like you treat others?

Ewa Smieszek, 27

Each year, more than 1 billion rabbits and 50 million other animals are killed for fur industry. In most cases, their short lives are accompanied by pain, illness and disgraceful conditions. Meanwhile, we praise and spoil our pets with the best food, beds, toys and give them all the love we have. If they are mistreated and abused people are send to prisons.

How can we sacrifice suffering of one animal over suffering of the other?

Although, when buying fur we are not ‘directly’ killing the animals ourselves, we are approving their fate by supporting ‘the middle man’. It’s like we’re paying for the ‘dirty job’ because we don’t want blood on our hands and because deep inside we see how immoral it is.

Through my work I wanted to capture the invisible line between animals that’s been created to help us justify our desires. We are blinded to the obvious truth that all animals can equally feel pain and deserve a good life.

After all, would you want your cat to join others in the fur industry?

Selective Love
Mixed media, pencil, watercolours, fine liners, digital manipulation
30×30 cm

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