January 17, 2019

Would you show your soul?

Lucy Kavanagh


Where do we come from? Our bodies, our minds and spirit. I believe we all have a soul. Deep within us there’s a glimmer of your being so unique and unknown. Souls can be lost. We are all looking for answers and trying to find our own in this space that we call earth. You might even have a soulmate? Find each other, become alike. Your similarities intertwining with one another. Everybody has a spirit. It’s the brightness behind your eyes and the fire that burns deep in your stomach with deep passion. Souls are just the point of connection between us as human beings and coming to terms with our humanity. In amongst all of this, there are over 7 billion people on this planet. Each and every being has a spark in them. Maybe you find it through Art or Music. Maybe it’s even love. But it’s what sets your soul on fire. That is something you can’t make up. Its having the courage and being brave enough to show it.


Intertwining body and Soul
29.7 x 42cm