September 27, 2018

Would you like to listen?

Robert Menzies


House Party is my comment on the dialogue around the millennial generation. Presented with two conflicting views. One, that millennials are entitled. The image of the prima donna ballerina came to mind. Two, research showed that millennials are more likely to have two or more jobs. The ballerina also worked well in this case as to get to the position depicted, you must work really hard. Millennials are the most watched generation with large amounts of data being generated, this creates a tension. I aided that by adding the figure in the background. To the right a person is blocked out which hints at social inclusion (or lack of). Being the guinea pigs for social media this is how I imagine some must feel. The text is ambiguous, foreign and enigmatic, the imagery I’m used to is that of capitalism and advertising and for me it visually polishes the image. It’s also a comment that through the use of our data we become social commodities. This is meaningful because I don’t enjoy being talked at.


600x 440mm
Acrylic on canvas