January 28, 2022

Would You Choose the Mysterious Unknown over Endless Contentment?

Victoria Giambalvo

Stage PlayBeyond, 2022

The television series’ ‘Forever’ and ‘A Good Place,’ explore morality in the afterlife and the banality of everyday life. These shows provoked the concept of my play ‘Beyond.’ Purgatory, the time after death, is portrayed as eternal life. Often, the concept of purgatory is taken for granted as equating with happiness. I believe the concept of eternity provides endless opportunity for joy as well as suffering. Depending on the circumstances of someone’s life, they might greet endless contentment with open arms, or with great disdain. A parent who reunites with their deceased child will be greeted with endless days of play. But when there is an opportunity for the mysterious unknown, when does someone become willing to give themselves over? Scrutinizing this situation helps us learn about ourselves. In contemplating our imagined actions which the world ‘Beyond’ presents, we might gain insight on how to live our own lives to the fullest.