January 30, 2020

Would the world be different, if we put ourselves in others’ positions more often?

Pauline Kappmeyer

Acrylic paint on canvasDystopian Reality, 2020100 x 80 cm

In my training at Drama school, I always have to put myself in the position of others. This raised the question in me whether if everyone did that, would it change the way they view the world? The way they treat it? Would humanity itself be more compassionate and caring about the other creatures on this planet? I wanted to explore these questions by making people think about it, especially in the context of water pollution. By using real waste that I picked up at the beach and putting it in another context, with an approach I had never seen anywhere before. What if, instead of the water, all our waste would gather in the atmosphere and we would have to live with it flying around us? That is what my painting explores and what I believe everybody needs to imagine for the sake of our oceans and all the living beings inside them. I hope that when people see my artwork, they will think about their own actions, the impact they have on our planet and how small changes will save the planet step by step.