September 24, 2020

World in Lock-down, has our life’s changed all that much?

Ricky Milne

Empty, 2020

“EMPTY” The realisation that during a Global Pandemic & a so called (Loch-down) your life has not actually changed all that much, if at all. Apart from of course being a Single White male in 2020 in his thirties, everything past and present is your fault. Before Lock-down I went to work 9-5, during Lock-down I worked 9-5, nothing really between. So really being stuck in a box isn’t new to me, I’ve always been in a mind block of my own making. The only real thing that’s changed is I can’t get my hands on Anon Subs from Fab anymore, but I can’t say that is actually a change as I felt empty then and feel empty now. But the feeling of (Emptiness) isn’t always a bad thing, it can be redeeming, for me finally realising this represents that I need to fill my life with something meaningful in the future. The future is yet to be filled. It’s just empty for now!