January 1, 2020

Will you stay curious?

Ibragim Ismailov

Oil Painting on wood boardMy son Ivor, 20195x4" inches

Every new parent knows that wonder, enchantment and curiosity are sensibilities that are rediscovered through the eyes of your baby child. Where once you saw the world burdened with labels and categories, you now experience what it is like to be struck by life’s intensity, its colour and its affects. We’ve all known this way of seeing, but somehow we’ve forgotten. And it’s an outlook that matters in all sorts of ways: change, creativity, love and care all stem from it. Since becoming a father, I have witnessed my son perceive his surroundings for the first time. With his every fleeting reaction I feel the urge to commit expressions and movements to memory. I painted my son aged four months wonder-struck by the colour yellow. Curiosity can be rendered on canvas in a variety of simple gestures: a considered composition, a considered point of view, and a carefully selected colour palette. Fatherhood has taught me to open my eyes, to see a world before judgement, and the beauty that abounds in the everyday. If an artist’s job is to render the perceived world, I wonder how they might encourage us to see with the same bright eyes of our childhood?