July 24, 2020

Will You Know The Good Times While You Live Them?

Bethany Lane, 22

I am so, so happy. We sit, simply existing side by side. Just being. Right now, I am in love with ‘just being’. My heart is so full, but not in a way that hurts. This is warm nostalgia for a memory I am blessed to still be living. There is no pressure here to do anything. No fear of the future, no ache of the past. We only have to be. And that’s enough. We constantly obsess over the future, forever fixated on the excitement, the apprehension, the fear of what might happen next. We relish our memories, we bask in our glory days and look back on distant days with bittersweet longing. Why then, do we dismiss the significance of memories in motion? Why do we wait until moments are over before we appreciate their worth? This painting conveys the rare wonder of catching a fleeting moment and drinking it in while it occurs in full abundance, recognizing contentment, and consuming it without compromise. In a goal-orientated, fast pace world this is a reminder that sometimes, it’s okay to just exist.

Will You Know The Good Times While You Live Them?, 2020Spray paint and acrylic paint on canvas.70 x 49.5cm