February 14, 2020

Will you ever be you again?

Heather Afrin

AcrylicA Harris Moment, 201940cm x 40 cm

The dark is not to run from. Look at what it might bring. Look at the life. Look at the beginning. Or the end. Look at the potential. There is always trepidation when the sky brings these colours. What will happen? It will be different from before. What will change? Will I cope? Will I survive? How long will it stay? Come and look. Watch for the slide into awareness and for what will come. While you wait, look. These waves, these rollers must be seen. The joy and the thrill. Get close as you can. Go on. Get wet, wind blown, rosy cheeked. How can this wave be so short lived? I want it to slow down. Pause. For me. For everyone. I need to study, admire, be in awe of only you for longer. You will never be you again. Never exactly you. I’m sorry. But I thank you.