March 26, 2020

Will you come back?

Karyn Frances McGuigan

AcrylicsWill you come back?, 10x10

My partner was recently diagnosed with ASD. At the heart of ASD can be difficulty navigating social relationships. One relationship that frees him from social masking burdens is with his dog, Zak. He offers companionship, acceptance and loyalty. The loyalty and unconditional love offered by dogs if often unrivalled. These attributes are widely valued by all dog owners and enthusiasts. However, we can perceive that loyalty is challenged by exists and physical distance. When I met my partner we were living in different countries. Zak stayed with my partner’s parents and he moved to be with me. He visits Zak regularly but finds it difficult saying goodbye. During the recent Covid lockdown he is unable to visit, Zak. He often worries about how Zak will interpret his exit: Does he know that I’ll be back? Will he remember me? These worries and anxieties over physical proximity and ideas of loyalty are interesting and widely applicable. To keep Zak present, when they are apart, I have gifted this painting of him to my partner. A reminder that loyalty and proximity are not related. Loyalty lives in the heart and will prevail over distance and time.