April 28, 2021

‘Will You Allow Them To Silence You?’

Fallon Robertson

To Inspire And Motivate People To Not Stop What They Love At The Expense Of Other Peoples OpinionWill You?, 2021

An advertisement released by the government in October 2020 inspired me to create this dance film. With the ad urging artists to retrain in another profession, it left performers across the country feeling undervalued. This emotionally impacted me and left me reminiscing times where people had made negative comments on my chosen profession, making me question my career. I connected with artists over the UK to discover if they had also been made to feel like this and the response was overwhelming. My vision for the film was to take my audience on a journey, begin with highlighting the affects that these comments have on us, not only as performers, but as human beings. Following this, inspire and motivate people to continue doing what they love. This film is aimed not only at the performing arts industry but any profession, you have control over your own life therefore do not allow others to control your decisions. As a dancer I like to think of my body as an instrument and I will not be silenced from other people’s opinion, will you?