Digital Print PhotographyContent for Humankind, 2021

Aren’t we all typically laden with western world burdens?

Stress from work life imbalance, wounds as victims of inequality in society (racism or classism) – chasing success and perfection in life. COVID meant that the distance to world (family, culture and country – India) that I left 15 years ago in search of ‘better life’ now became distant! The series of images are taken from my recent visit to India. The distance helped me to see a ‘different picture’ – and raised few questions which I’ve explored through Images from a fishing village in Pondicherry. Fishermen folk enjoying sea, sun, sand – right on the door step. No matter their religion their faith is that ‘sea’ is their mother.

Yet, she’s laden with plastic waste. Harsh sea life – but you’ve a beach front house and you can brush your teeth watching sun rise. Isn’t this the ‘holiday life’ we yearn for? Makes me wonder if human’s don’t appreciate what we’ve until that’s taken away? Can’t humankind be content with its success? The hamster wheel powering unrestricted-growth was halted by a virus (non-living-oraganism). Perhaps, pandemic was mother-nature’s reminder for humans to nurture nature and be human ! Will we ever learn?