April 23, 2021

Will We Heed Nature’s Warning Signs Before It’s Too Late?

Nicola McLean

AcrylicNight Life, 202140 x 30cm

There are so many words and phrases that have become common parlance since the advent of Covid 19 and I wanted to find a way to incorporate some of them into a series of paintings depicting non-human animals, to emphasise the ways in which our actions affect every other sentient being on the planet. This particular piece entitled ‘Night Life’ reflects how, whilst we all had to stay at home and rely on video calls for our social lives during the various lockdowns, animals – many of whom have suffered habitat loss due to human encroachment and are now viewed as pests for simply trying to survive – took advantage of the hiatus in anthropogenic activities and benefitted as a result. The pandemic strikes me as a warning to mankind of the importance of finding our way back to the connection that we once had with Mother Earth. It seems to me that there can be no clearer sign that if we are to survive, it’s crucial that we remember that humanity is part of the natural world and not apart from it.