January 31, 2020

Will We Ever Stop?

Scott Bathgate | Murray Bartle, 19 | Duncan Burgess, 22 | Omid Farkondeh, 26 | Finley Campbell , 20

Music VideoKarma for Vandals - Starfish Song, 20201080p Video and High Definition Audio

Karma for Vandals: The song opens with a soundbite highlighting the way in which man has bent and manipulated the world around him to his own (often) selfish whims. Through this song (via the uneven time signatures, melodies and atmospheric melodies) we wished to convey a problem that influences us all: ourselves. We wanted to highlight our impact upon this planet and to bring forward that the idea that as we progress do we inhibit the lives of the other life we share on our planet?

Omid Farkondeh: The video expresses something important to us all, and unfortunately very relevant. From the downfall of environmental balance, to disturbing political situations. It’s important to show the depths of mankind – good and bad. Taking inspiration from their previous videos and live performances, using stock footage suited the bands style, but mostly worked as a tool to show unreachable places or moments in time. This is a more observational creative process, rather than entirely a new experience – compiling the world we see, through others eyes.