January 31, 2020

Will we ever find another world like this?

Arran Ross, 54

One of the most abiding images of my childhood was the image of the Earth seen from the moon. It was the sense of wonder at this jewel within the vastness of not just space but time as well – that indomitable sense of human adventure to travel, to always quest for what is beyond is met in equal measure by a sense of trepidation at the prospect of a one way ticket from the only known planet that can support life. The Astronaut series forms an epic narrative in paint photograph and 3D, laced with cartoon like incident it’s a surreal pilgrimage an epiphany – the traveller we see is not just a voyager of outer space but one of an inner psychological space too. Standing alone perhaps on a heavenly plain, or perhaps a stretch of Machair, one foot in this world, one foot in another – we might find ourselves reflecting that what ever planets may be out there that could provide us with even a glass of water let alone a flowering meadow..we will have to learn to take care of our own long before we reach that “promised land”.

The Astronaut, 2014InstallationHt - 80cm