July 31, 2020

Will we ever breathe normally again?

Evelyn Laurie, 64

I thought writing a song about how I felt under lockdown would help me cope but it was difficult to feel creative when my mind was in trauma. I felt like I was constantly holding my breath, while dealing with fear and hearing daily about how the virus affects breathing. A friend asked me: what do you love about lockdown? I replied: is it wrong to admit I quite like my lockdown bubble? Somehow I feel safe within it? After that, the words started to flow – as a poem. It was freeing to recognise that there were aspects of lockdown that were, if not fully enjoyable, then certainly quite pleasant. I also recognised how fortunate my situation is compared to many others, including many of my friends. It was interesting to compare experiences with them and to observe what others in my community and society were doing and realise how much we shared – despite our differences. Fundamentally, we all want to survive this crisis and perhaps come out better people, but will there really be an “end”? Will we actually become “better” as a society and individually? And will we ever really breathe normally again?

Waiting to exhale..., 2020Poetry