May 31, 2019

Will we ever be ready for new experiences?

Jordan McDowall, 25

We often view the new or unknown as a bad thing. Something to be feared, something fraught with dangers and uncertainties.

Every step you take down a path you are not familiar or comfortable with can fill you with worry, anxiety, and stress. And why wouldn’t it? It’s in our nature to be cautious; to cling to what we know is comforting or safe. Every experience we have, and every decision (no matter how small) we make is always going to be in some way unpredictable.

By this, we find ourselves shying away from new experiences – even minor ones in our day-to-day. But because of these impossible number of uncertainties – I ask; if we are never truly going to be prepared for these things, then what is really stopping anyone from moving forward anyway?

Life is made of all these moments strung together, the thing stopping you from taking the next step might just be your own doubts.

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