January 25, 2021

Will We Ever Be Able To Do Enough?

Christopher Orton

SongNot Flat Enough, 2020

I wrote this song when, despite doing everything I could to please people, I was being taken for granted.

I started to notice that the kinder I was, or the more tolerant I was, the more I was being taken advantage of. It made me think about our place in society. Will we ever be able to do enough? Will one kind act lead forcibly to another and another until each act becomes expected, rather than appreciated? The majority of humanity strives to further and better ourselves, each other and the world around us. There are those, however, who will take a back seat and watch the change happen around them, unaware of, and never fully appreciating, the effort it takes.

Whilst this song uses only two (researched and real) examples to get its point across it is, nonetheless, important to recognise that these small ripples of thanklessness can turn into waves of resentment amongst the members of society that are only trying to do their very best in, often, difficult circumstances. Sometimes a smile is all it takes to remind someone that they matter.