Spoken Word- Short VideoFull Moon, 2020

I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. Words and imagery have always been a massive passion for me, I have recently transferred these skills into spoken word and rapping.

Combining my love for lyricism and my unique blend of harp and hip-hop I am hoping to develop and define my artistry within the music industry.

Within my music I highlight some topics which are controversial and thought provoking, covering topics such as mental health, racism, inequalities, social and political issues, addiction and many other themes which are current and conscious.

In this short video ‘Full Moon’ it is showcasing my journey through lockdown and hope it can spark some creative thoughts and people can relate to it. For me the only thing that has been keeping me going is my creativity and different outlets (playing harp) (spoken word) (recording) (live stream gigs) (colaborative production) it would be so beneficial for my projects to have a better budget to help me capture these videos and portray my expression though accurate execution.

Suffering with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression have a lot of ways of taking over your life, if you choose to let it.