February 1, 2019

Will they ever let us be?

Perim Isisag, 27

My work is about the explosion at a peace rally in the capital city of Turkey – my homeland. Turks and Kurds who wanted the conflict between the two nations to end organised this great event. I almost went myself, but was unable to do so. It was hopeful and strong, full of ambition for ease.

I first saw a video from the rally, past-explosion. I was having tea in the garden with my family on a sunny day. I cannot describe with words what I felt – and still feel after almost four years, it is useless even to try.

It was such a massive feeling, though, so much that I couldn’t just let sit in me and get bitter and heavy like tar – it needed it to get out. It took me almost a year to finish this drawing, because I couldn’t process constantly feeling helpless.

I am pissed that we have a world of wonders right beneath us, but they don’t let us jump in there. Our freedom is bound. They are taking parts from us, literally, and we can’t do anything about it – apart from letting time heal us and eventually beginning to hope again.

Ankara Explosion
0.3 mm graphite pencil on paper
50 x 70cm

This is the video I watched that day.

Click the YouTube link to watch the video. Warning: Graphic content. Age-restricted video.