January 23, 2019

Will there ever be life without prejudice?

Gareth Herron, 28

My entry reflects upon my own upbringing in Northern Ireland, and upon the prejudices which are passed down from generation to generation on each side of the community. I wrote it as a way to challenge people in Northern Ireland to think about how they are living their lives, and how they raise their kids, with the hope that one day there will be one day without prejudice and sectarianism.

When I play this song, I know that many people in the audience might not be fully aware of what life was, and is like in Norther Ireland. However, I believe the lyrics have a broader application, and can be used to challenge all prejudices that people hold within society; racism, xenophobia, homophobia.

This song acts as a challenge to place those prejudices aside, in a hope that over time people in society can come together without having that ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ mentality that has caused so many problems to so many people over the years.