October 30, 2019

Will the light follow the darkness?

Emer Beattie

WatercolourWinter Bouquet, 201959cm x 42cm

I am a watercolour artist, and like many others I struggle to accept that my work is ever good enough to share.

I wanted to paint a bright, positive picture of nature so went walking for inspiration, but nothing seemed to be alive – I was surrounded by death, rotting leaves, and darkness.

After reminding myself that we live in a spectacular part of the world, I started looking more closely, and challenging myself to find a way forward.

The red branches of the dogwood sang to me, the honesty and red berries then harmonised. Before long I had a concerto that I had to transmit onto paper. I’ve never walked home so fast!

This piece is important for me because it shows that no matter how dark life gets, there is always light, a way forward. There is always a place or a person we can go to.

Completing this piece was a learning process – technically and artistically – and will inspire me as we enter another winter.

I hope it brings light to others too.