January 31, 2020

Will the inflated ego of humanity be the cost of its existence, the cause of its extinction?

Bronwyn Dickson

Audio PerformanceWill the inflated ego of humanity be the cost of its existence, the cause of its extinction?, 2019

Written from the perspective of Mother Nature addressing mankind, this poem expresses her emotions, questioning the morality of humanity on climate change. I’m passionate about the colossal threat our current system poses to our surroundings and to the survival of the human species. I pondered what Mother Nature might say if she could speak, and what emotions she’d convey. This is essential when discussing climate change, as it provokes thought from different perspectives, encouraging us to take responsibility for our collective actions, challenging the paradox that exists here. How can we behave as superior beings while displaying such lack of self-worth and morality? Given her fluctuating emotions, I have submitted my piece as a voice clip to invite the expression of feelings. She’d feel anger at the disrespect we show towards her and the animals and disappointment at the evidential lack of love we have for ourselves and each other. She’d be in disbelief at the prioritisation of economic growth over the existence of humanity, causing confusion as there’ll be nothing to prioritise if we continue this path. And of course, love for all sentient beings, which includes but is not limited to humans, as we are all her children.