March 25, 2020

Will our circle ⭕️ break..?

Joyce Joy, 59 | Eleanor Jessie Lind, 2

I miss my 2 year old granddaughter’s love. We live nearby but due to C. flu restrictions we can’t hug each other. I had recently introduced gel pens and paper to her. She loved the colours and made so many marks, she became my inspiration with her freedom of thought and sheer pleasure and amazement at what she was doing. I wanted to be near her so I cut out a circle ⭕️ of her art and placed yellow tape around it (yellow for warmth) onto a white tile (white for her innocence) as though I were giving her a hug. Even apart we can be together. So our circle ⭕️ is safe.

Eleanor’s Circle ⭕️, 2020Gel pens, sellotape and a ceramic tile15cm x 15cm