October 12, 2020

Will one day we all understand that mental health is a spectrum, that we all sit somewhere upon and that life can shift us in either direction?

Joyce Davies

Screenprinting (20)Beautiful Minds who want to dance., 202050x70cm

Rainbow people expressing themselves in true vulnerability. Bright and colourful hiding behind an array of feelings, life in its happiest moments, its saddest and most tragic Minds that are hidden from the world, secret thoughts. Happy memories. Tragic memories. Paintings allowing us to project our own thoughts and feelings. Art providing solace. deep peace, confusion, and pain. The language of Art allowing us to speak. I hope these images make conversation to happen in homes, cafes, colleges, workplaces. Each image reflects a different mental state. Identifying with a painting alone, in silence, allowing it to be explored in the individual mind. Making sense of oneself and our place in the world. Maybe beginning a conversation with another and to share. For sharing our lives with others is what being human is all about. Silent suffering results in silent screaming. Being silent can mean a person has previously been silenced. We are not meant to be silent. We are meant to talk, to share, to laugh, to sing, to dance. The beautiful minds in these paintings all want to do just that. I hope you learn to do that to, even if you have forgotten, long ago just how to.