January 31, 2021

Will My Children’s Generation Be Able To Cope With The Climate Crisis?

Thomas Danbury

Audio Recording (Song)That's The Way It Goes, 2021

My longstanding concerns for the environment have only grown and sharpened now that I am a father of two children. I imagine, with alarm, the kind of world they will inherit.

My generation and those before us, with our tepid and incremental approach to change, have not yet begun to make the alterations needed to confront the crisis. Underpinning my song, ‘That’s the Way It Goes,’ is my concern for the enormous challenges my children face, thanks to our inertia and lack of political will.

This song is the first time I’ve tried to express my fears – broken into two parts, the lyrics at first tell the children, ‘up in the sky, there’s a fire forming to strike us down for what we did to you.’

The second part, the song’s conclusion, asks its listeners to consider, is this the way it goes, or can we still change direction? The song is not an apology to my children so much as an admission of guilt, and my hope is that it will inspire others to reflect and act. I wrote the song using the three-four time signature of a waltz to craft a sad and serious lullaby.