The pandemic has hit us like a freak concussion, we’re in dream land with shakes of sharp reality. I’m dazed in washes of colours and shapes, people and trees moving around. Then jarred by jagged thoughts of germs as someone clears their throat in a supermarket queue.

I mostly work in the “real world” meaning physical collage. With the pieces I’ve put forward- using digital layering of my own photographs, it felt like the most true reflection of how this past year has impacted myself and those I know. The passing of time (represented in faux double exposure) is what feels strangest, almost?

Painful long hours in isolation, but suddenly it is Christmas time. Impossible figures of loss to read everyday- that our brains have not even yet evolved to compute. Diving into digital manipulation lets me enter a bodiless meditative space, I can stretch and combine my photographs- the memories- and try to make sense of what I has happened. The outcome? Far more romantic than the experience. This feels like a testament to how we cope. Make the surreal less frightening by creating beauty. I would appreciate some answers though, this is testing my enjoyment of ambiguity.