January 27, 2020

Will it be safe for my Grand Children and Great Grand Children to have children?

Frank Jackson

Craft InstallationWill it be safe for my Grand Children and Great Grand Children to have children ?, 2020

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Planet Promotions proudly presents, for the undisputed Heavyweight Championship of Plant Earth, in the Green corner, from the Decarbonization Sector, Carbon Capture & Storage. In the Red corner, from the Climate Change, Global Warming Sceptic Sector, the ‘evergreen’ BUT. Now over to your Referee Jo Joe Smith. We hope you thoroughly enjoy the debate and may the right combatants win.” As a creative person I strongly feel it’s my duty to contribute towards the most important issue of our time, so I proudly present my ‘Itinerant Installation’. I ‘road tested’ it’s efficacy among acquaintances, friends and family before entering it into your unique competition. It’s now being claimed that Decarbonization targets cannot be met within the next forty years, no matter how much renewable energy replacement is introduced and no matter how many hectares of forests are planted without incorporating widespread C.C.&.S. technology. Those on the other side of the argument, some of whom are leaders of nations, claim that C.C.G.W. will occur naturally as it did before the Industrial Revolution, so preventative measures are doomed to fail. The current President of the U.S.A. denies that they are adding to C.C.G.W. and that it’s ‘others’ who are. To date C.C.&.S are ahead on points.